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Stunt Book Australia
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Stunt Book Australia is a register of highly trained and professionally recognised Stunt Coordinators, Assistant Stunt Coordinators, Safety Supervisors and Stunt Performers working within the Australian Film and Television Industry. It provides a detailed profile of all Stuntmen and Stuntwomen and allows users to perform a casting specific search of the member database.

For example; If your production requires a 178cm tall, 30 year old caucasian male, with long blonde hair that can ride a horse; simply enter the details within the search field and all matching profiles will be presented.

Whatever your casting requirements they will be found within Stunt Book Australia. With a listing of members who possess the specialist skills to deliver the highest quality results to your production.

Finding "The Right Person For The Job" has never been easier.

The Members Of Stunt Book Australia

  • Nik Schodel
  • Tim Cody
  • Josh Feldschuh
  • Judd Wild
  • Ingrid Kleinig
  • Glenn Suter
  • Nash Edgerton
  • Adrian Pickering
  • Andy Clarke
  • Mike Snow
  • Ric Anderson
  • Ray Anthony
  • Sharelle Starr
  • Philip  Partridge
  • Richard Anastasios
  • Rick Tonna
  • Sebastian Dickins
  • Andrea Berchtold
  • Chan Griffin
  • Jack Fieguth
  • Katie Steele
  • Zev Eleftheriou
  • Paul Doyle
  • Philli Anderson
  • Jesse Turner
  • Spike Cherrie
  • Yutaka Izumihara
  • Lachlan Parkinson
  • Kelly Young
  • Gulliver Page
  • Mike O'Bree
  • David Semery
  • Mark Wickham
  • Craig  Morgan
  • Aston Crabtree
  • Angela Moore
  • Steven A  Davis
  • Jack Kingsley
  • Lawrence Woodward
  • Scott McLean
  • Rhye Copeman
  • Haydn Dalton
  • Glenn Chow
  • Naomi Turvey
  • Warwick Sadler
  • Yasca Sinigaglia
  • Adam Eldon
  • Dan Weaver
  • Adam Davis
  • Kyle Gardiner
  • Chris Antcliff
  • Nigel Harbach
  • Blake Lindsell
  • Mark Duncan
  • Cory Beeston
  • Karl Van Moorsel
  • Neal  Horton
  • Carla Kristie Mcleish
  • Nandalie Campbell Killick
  • Nicholas Young
  • Timothy Parsons
  • Darko Tuskan
  • Chris Weir
  • Peter  Hill
  • Micah Bradley
  • Philippe Deseck
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Harley Durst
  • Connor van Vuuren
  • Shea Adams
  • Zachariah Dominello
  • Daryl Suter
  • Brittany Baldwin
  • Chris Patton
  • Fletcher Donohue
  • Toby Fuller
  • Jace Lee
  • Simon Murrell
  • Mirko (Mick) Radas
  • Casey Wright
  • Cameron  Ambridge
  • Georgie Blackwell
  • Lachlan Ward
  • Stephen Murdoch
  • Darrell Walshe
  • Jackie   Murray
  • Reg Roordink
  • Nicole Downes
  • Chris  Pace
  • Marco Sinigaglia
  • Chris Anderson
  • Ashley  Fairfield
  • Keir Beck
  • Raelene Chapman
  • Garreth Hadfield
  • Rocky McDonald
  • Brett  Praed
  • Brian  Grogan
  • Ryan Tarran
  • Mike Duncan
  • Chris 'PJ' Peters
  • Aaron Bishop
  • Jade Amantea
  • Shinji Ikefuji
  • Michael M Foster
  • Sam  Elia
  • Chris Kemp
  • Inge Sildnik
  • Michael (Flip) Matthews
  • Zarene Dallas
  • Lana Williams
  • Sarah Laidler
  • Tony Lynch
  • Kenny Low
  • Talayna  Moana Nikora
  • Russell Ingram
  • Caleb  Guinery
  • Anthony Rinna
  • Russell Frost
  • Dean Gould
  • Kathleen Kennedy
  • Rosalie van Horik
  • Avril Wynne
  • Chantelle Slee
  • Annette  Van Moorsel
  • Brittany Morris
  • Marlee Barber
  • Peter Jeremijenko
  • Nathan James
  • Amanda Giblin
  • Benjamin Toyer
  • Steve Morris
  • Carly Rees
  • Scotty Gregory
  • Alex Yakimov
  • Stephen Dunlevy
  • Neil Stoddart
  • Holly McCredden
  • Grant Fletcher
  • Mick Corrigan
  • Mick Van Moorsel
  • Brett Sheerin
  • Jesse Rowles
  • Fenix Searle
  • Olga Miller
  • Yoshinao Aonuma
  • Beau Karolos
  • Darvin Dela Cruz
  • Greg Jones
  • Andrew Beattie
  • Paul Phillips
  • Scott Chiplin
  • Mark Tearle
  • Greg Stuart
  • Morgan Evans
  • Damien  Bryson
  • Isaac (yoshi) Bernauer
  • Ben Smith - Peterson
  • Emma-Louise Wilson
  • Shane Bell
  • Chelsea Van Zyl
  • Nick McKinless
  • Mitch Deans
  • Robbie  Clissold
  • Jimmy  Christiansen
  • Malachi Waters
  • Alex Jewson
  • Jorge Delgado
  • Bradd Buckley
  • Daniel Nelson
  • Alex Kuzelicki
  • Mark Rayner
  • Brigette Paroissien
  • Kim Fardy
  • Lee Adamson
  • James Davies
  • Angie Adler
  • Cody Mackie
  • Lena  Grzegolec
  • Ben Siemer
  • Zoe Eloise Martin
  • Paul Pedersen
  • John Walton
  • Graham Jahne


"When Coordinating The Hangover 2 in Thailand I cast every lead stunt double using Stunt Book Australia. Next time I'm filming 'down under' I know where to look."

Allan Graf (2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator - USA)

"I use Stunt Book Australia on every show that I work. Its detailed member profiles and user friendly format is great."

Mitch Deans (Stunt Coordinator, Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer)

"Whenever I have a casting challenge I use Stunt Book Australia. It gives me the information that I need on any performer quickly & easily."

Dean Gould (Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Performer, Safety Supervisor)

"Stunt Book Australia's database allows me to find a stunt double or specialist performer in seconds. It makes my job so much easier."

Tony Lynch (Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Performer)

"Thanks to Stunt Book Australia I can now view any performer's profile with the click of a button. Its web based format makes casting a breeze."

Spike Cherrie (Stunt Coordinator, Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer)

"Stunt Book Australia is the number one tool used by Stunt Coordinators for viewing performer bios, photos and show reels. The profile pages are great."

John Walton (Stunt Coordinator, Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer)

"All stunt performers should be on Stunt Book Australia. When I need a stunt person it's the first place that I look."

Paul "Halfy" Phillips (Stunt Coordinator, Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer)

"I believe that Stunt Book Australia is now the best site & tool available to Stunt Coordinators. It's the first place I look when casting or selecting stunt professionals."

Chris Anderson (Stunt Coordinator, Action Director, Stunt Performer)

"As a Coordinator I frequently find myself using Stunt Book Australia. If you're not yet a member then it's time to join."

Darko Tuskan (Stunt Coordinator, Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer)